Moscow Prepares for War

Russia has completed an unprecedented five-day military exercise simulating the deployment of nuclear weapons. And although World War III is not necessarily imminent, the extensive drills were part of a broader offensive to spread fear and...

Romania's Energy Future: Assessing Risks and Opportunities

On March 19, CEPA Senior Adviser and Former Adviser to the President of Romania Alexandra Gătej briefed U.S. energy experts on Romania’s energy future. 

Not Another Corruption Story

The political week in Europe opened with media reports on corruption cases in Hungary, Italy and Romania. In comparison with President Vladimir Putin’s reappearance, such reports might seem banal. But for a country like Romania, which has been...

Where is Putin?

Prescient  or preposterous? Vladimir Putin’s absence from public life sparked a frenzy last week. Nobody agreed what was going on, but almost all commentators agreed that it was significant.

Answering the Critics of a Tough Russia Policy

If the critics of Western policy agree with Putin that these are merely territories, not countries, that can be bounced between big countries as bagatelles, then they should say so openly, and preferably do so in Kiev, Tallinn or Warsaw...

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22 March 2015

On March 11, CEPA hosted a roundtable discussion with the political directors of the Visegrád Group.

26 February 2015

On February 25, the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), hosted a roundtable discussion with Lithuanian Energy Minister Rokas Masiulis.

12 February 2015

On February 12, the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and the Romanian Presidential Administration jointly hosted the first meeting of the Romania Defense and Security Working Group.