Shift in Minsk-Moscow Relationship?

The release of the six political prisoners in Belarus may indicate a shift in Minsk's balance of power perception but is this change structural or merely cosmetic?

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The Forum highlights the transformative economic, strategic and political potential of the countries between the Baltic and Black Seas and their importance to the United States. It brings together more than 400 leaders from government and business...

Refugees: Time for Eastern Europe to Show Generosity

Migration is a sensitive subject in places which suffered communist rule. Now these countries are being asked to take handfuls of refugees from Africa and the Middle East in the name of European solidarity. The result is consternation.

West Legitimizes Ukraine's Division

Russia is consolidating a new “frozen conflict” in Europe with Western assistance. In response to Moscow’s threats that it will expand the war in Ukraine, Washington, Berlin, and Brussels have become complicit in legitimizing rebel control over...

Defensive Capabilities for Ukraine: Still the Realistic Choice

In the debate over Western policy toward the fighting in the Donbass, lobbying to prevent defensive capabilities from reaching Ukraine has continued unabated for months, but the passage of time has increased the urgency for action, not lessened it...

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29 July 2015

CEPA hosted a roundtable discussion with Senior Adjunct Fellow Anne Applebaum entitled “Winning the New Information War in Europe's East.”

26 June 2015

CEPA hosted a presentation of a new ground-breaking report on Baltic security: “The Coming Storm.” Authored by CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas, this publication includes inputs from the CEPA Central Europe Strategic Assessment Group.

08 June 2015

CEPA hosted Estonian Foreign Minister Mrs. Keit Pentus-Rosimannus for a discussion focused on Estonian foreign and security policy as well as regional and Transatlantic cooperation in the context of the Ukraine crisis