Balkan Pressure Valve

The outflow of refugees from the Western Balkans contributes to preserving the peace in states that are not EU members. It helps release social pressure and prevents a surge of unrest that could destabilize governments failing to deliver economic...

Polish Military Modernization: The Road Ahead

Poland’s Armed Forces Technical Modernization Program (TMP) represents a historic enhancement to the military capabilities of America’s most important ally in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). How the country manages the remainder of the TMP and...

Homage to Catalonia

Spain’s soft civil war is entering a decisive new phase with Catalonia gearing up for a major vote that could move the region closer to independence. Instead of bemoaning separatism and predicting the imminent collapse of the European Union, it...

Putin's New Deception: A Call for Anti-Terror Coalition

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose troops are still helping the so-called rebels in eastern Ukraine, is trying to bring a new charm offensive to the West, including to the upcoming United Nations 70th General Assembly in New York.      

Corbyn's Idealism Does Not Help Europe

Jeremy Corbyn is the most left-wing leader in the history of the Labour Party. He is a possible prime minister of the United Kingdom. His antique and impractical views on economics are alarming enough. But still worse is his stance on foreign...

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17 September 2015

For almost a month, the EU has struggled with the migration crisis, one that is unparalleled in the past few decades. From the Mediterranean and the Balkans comes a steady flow of people seeking shelter in Europe, but not every European country is able or willing to host these refugees and migrants.

29 July 2015

CEPA hosted a roundtable discussion with Senior Adjunct Fellow Anne Applebaum entitled “Winning the New Information War in Europe's East.”

26 June 2015

CEPA hosted a presentation of a new ground-breaking report on Baltic security: “The Coming Storm.” Authored by CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas, this publication includes inputs from the CEPA Central Europe Strategic Assessment Group.