Athens-Moscow Axis Endangers Europe

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has a hidden European agenda. While his statements declare EU unity and solidarity, his actions demonstrate that the ultra-leftist Syriza government seeks to discredit and weaken EU institutions in pursuit of an...

A Collective Answer to a Shared Threat

CEPA's Edward Lucas answers the critics of his Baltic Sea Security Report: "The Coming Storm."  

CEPA Launches Baltic Security Report: “The Coming Storm” with Edward Lucas

On June 26, the Center for European Policy Analysis hosted a presentation of a new ground-breaking report on Baltic security: “The Coming Storm” with Senior Vice President Edward Lucas.

"A Strong Romania in Europe and in the World"

This is the vision that Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, has put forth for the country in the new National Defense Strategy (NDS) for 2015-2019. The document does not show a major doctrinal change in Romania’s approach to security, although it...

Will Ukraine Succeed in Restructuring Its Debt?

In the shadow of the Greek financial drama there is another one unfolding. The Ukrainian debt crisis is much smaller in size than the Greek crisis, but it is no less important, if not more important, in geopolitical terms.

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08 June 2015

CEPA hosted Estonian Foreign Minister Mrs. Keit Pentus-Rosimannus for a discussion focused on Estonian foreign and security policy as well as regional and Transatlantic cooperation in the context of the Ukraine crisis

05 June 2015

CEPA in cooperation with the Slovak Presidency of the Visegrád Group, hosted its Strategic Assessment Group for a roundtable meeting with the V4 analytical directors to discuss the changing security environment in the CEE region and its implications for V4 cooperation.

14 May 2015

CEPA has convened the latest meeting of the Central European Strategic Assessment Group in Warsaw aimed at bringing together prominent U.S. and Central European strategists and defense planners.