Captive Nations

The phrase “captive nations” is redolent of the Cold War, but in the third full week of July it shakes off the dust and strides onto the political calendar. 

The Militarization of the Black Sea

By invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea, Russia shattered the belief that war in Europe was inconceivable. Consequently, the entire East European front from the Arctic to the Black Sea is now undergoing serious militarization.

Russia's Dangerous Campaign in the Baltics

Questioning the legality of Baltic independence was not another example of Russia being out of touch with the West. On the contrary, this political move was part of a well-planned and dangerous campaign intended to launch an invasion of the ...

Western Balkans in EU Spotlight

In the wake of the Greek crisis, stability in the rest of South East Europe has become a priority for Brussels and Washington. Paradoxically, the failing Greek state has concentrated attention on ensuring that the nearby Western Balkans avoid...

Poland's Defense Policy Unaffected by Politics

After winning the May presidential elections, Poland's main opposition party, Law and Justice, is poised to win the October parliamentary elections, marking the end of the eight-year rule by Civic Platform. As Poland is embarking on a major...

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26 June 2015

CEPA hosted a presentation of a new ground-breaking report on Baltic security: “The Coming Storm.” Authored by CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas, this publication includes inputs from the CEPA Central Europe Strategic Assessment Group.

08 June 2015

CEPA hosted Estonian Foreign Minister Mrs. Keit Pentus-Rosimannus for a discussion focused on Estonian foreign and security policy as well as regional and Transatlantic cooperation in the context of the Ukraine crisis

05 June 2015

CEPA in cooperation with the Slovak Presidency of the Visegrád Group, hosted its Strategic Assessment Group for a roundtable meeting with the V4 analytical directors to discuss the changing security environment in the CEE region and its implications for V4 cooperation.