CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta comments on Russian military power for Financial Times.

23 April 2014
Russia will have no choice but to move towards a more autarchical model for its military purchases.

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18 April 2014
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CEPA's Director of Research Peter B. Doran comments on changes to the European security order

18 April 2014
Crimea has changed the world. The treaties—the U.N. Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, the Budapest Memorandum, the NATO-Russia Founding Act and the Russo-Ukrainian Treaty of 1997—that created peace in Europe for the past 20 years have been called into question by the invasion and annexation of Crimea. Georgia was the first sign that Vladimir Putin is a revisionist

CEPA's latest report quoted in Estonian news

18 April 2014
CEPA Senior Fellow and Contributing Editor Edward Lucas and CEPA President A. Wess Mitchell outline the shift Russia's actions have caused in the security situation in Europe and warn of the instability the multitude of Russian troops massed at Ukrainian borders could sow in Eastern Europe unless decisively countered.

The Lithuania Tribune analyses CEPA discussion "Central European Security after Crimea"

18 April 2014
CEPA discussion assessed how NATO allies are reacting to the Crimea crisis, what the crisis could mean for the Central and Eastern European security environment, and what steps that the Alliance can take to prepare for the future.

CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta discusses crises in Ukraine on TVN24. (In Polish)

08 April 2014
CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta presents his opinion about crises in Ukraine and Crimea annexation at "Horyzont" one of the most respected policy talk show in Poland.

CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta speaks with TVN24 television. (In Polish)

29 March 2014
Andrew Michta CEPA Senior Fellow, assesses the crisis in Ukraine and Russia's actions in the region.

CEPA's Director of Research Peter B. Doran speaks at Princeton University on Russia's Grand Strategy in the East

29 March 2014

CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta: "America should already think about moving resources to Polish territory and the Baltic states." (In Polish)

21 March 2014
According to CEPA Senior Fellow Dr. Andrew A. Michta, the transfer of U.S. troops on the eastern border of NATO would be a strong signal to Russia that NATO is not going to allow her to pursue further territorial ambitions.