Polish Press Agency Covers CEPA Warsaw Event with General Ben Hodges

28 November 2015
Read more about CEPA Warsaw's latest event.

General Hodges Speaks at CEPA Warsaw (In Polish)

28 November 2015
Watch CEPA Warsaw's latest event with Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commanding General U.S. Army Europe and Paul Wayne, U.S. Ambassador to Poland.

Peter Doran in the European View

26 November 2015
Peter Doran, CEPA's Director of Research, argues in the European View that US foreign policy is approaching a decision point. One option would keep the US heavily engaged in the international system. The other would produce a gradual exit from the global stage. Out on the presidential campaign trail, candidates from both parties are offering variations of this choice to voters. This makes the stakes of the 2016 presidential election unusually high for Europe. Hanging in the balance is the future of transatlantic relations and the security of America’s longstanding allies.

Janusz Bugajski Speaks with VOA Albania

04 November 2015
CEPA's Janusz Bugajski spoke with VOA Albania on issues relating to both Albania and Kosova. Follow the coverage below:

Watch the Latest Episode of the New Bugajski Hour

01 November 2015
CEPA's Janusz Bugajski joins RTK Kosova once again for the second instalment of the New Bugajski Hour, with guests Adem Grabovci, Ismet Beqiri, Glauk Konjufca and Donika Kada-Bujupi. (In Albanian)

Janusz Bugajski Speaks With VOA Macedonia

01 November 2015
CEPA's Janusz Bugajski joins VOA Macedonia for an interview. (In Macedonian)

CEPA Partners with Riga Conference 2015

31 October 2015

Marcin Zaborowski in Le Monde

30 October 2015
CEPA's Marcin Zaborowski speaks with Le Monde on the recent Polish elections and argues that while Law and Justice may desire change in Europe, there are limiting factors in the way.

Marcin Zaborowski Speaks with BBC

23 October 2015
CEPA's Marcin Zaborowski joins the BBC World Bussiness Report as Poland prepares for parliamentary elections.

Marius Laurinavičius With the New Eastern Europe

22 October 2015
CEPA Senior Fellow in Residence Marius Laurinavičius speaks with the New Eastern Europe on relations between Poland and Lithuania.