CEPA Programs

U.S.-Central Europe Strategy Forum

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Energy Horizons

Equipping companies and governments to unleash the transformative potential of regional energy resources.

Eastern Lights

Promoting democratic reform, economic opportunity and political transformation in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

The Visegrád Initiative

Engaging high-level U.S. and Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak policymakers in areas of common strategic interest.  

Atlantic Links

Ensuring Atlanticism remains a priority for future generations.                                           

Global Allies

Strengthening ties with U.S. strategic allies in critical regions in a shifting global landscape.

Central European Defense

Engaging the strategic dimensions of U.S.-European security cooperation.

U.S.-Romania Initiative

CEPA's U.S.-Romania Initiative is Washington’s first comprehensive program dedicated to providing structured analysis, expert commentary and enhanced policy dialogue on the country of Romania. It seeks to identify and promote opportunities for strategic engagement between the United States and Romania in three broad areas: political and economic development; energy security; geopolitics and security.