Expert to lead major institutional expansion on Russia

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 10, 2018 - The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) announces that Brian Whitmore is joining CEPA as senior fellow and director of the Center’s new Russia Program. Based out of CEPA’s Washington office, Whitmore will lead a major institutional expansion at CEPA covering Russia. He will assume the post in April 2018.

“Brian is a stellar addition to the CEPA team. He is a true expert. His insight and analysis will help to break new ground in the expert community for better understanding the Kremlin, its strategies, and intentions toward the West,” said CEPA President Peter B. Doran. “Our institutional mission remains the same. Only now we will provide full spectrum coverage on one of the most contested geostrategic theaters in the world—from Prague to Moscow, and from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea.”


As senior fellow, Whitmore will direct the efforts of the Center’s newly established Russia Program. Representing the first formal expansion of CEPA’s coverage area, the Russia Program will build on the institute’s existing regional specialization and analysis of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by covering questions of statecraft, strategy, and counter-disinformation east of NATO and the EU.

“Brian is an insightful analyst and gifted communicator, whose matchless work on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy has won a deservedly large following. I am thrilled that he is joining the CEPA team,” said CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas.


Whitmore comes to CEPA after serving as senior Russia analyst for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). He is the author of the popular Power Vertical series, created especially for Russian experts and Kremlin watchers, and is the host of the weekly Power Vertical Podcast. Whitmore will continue to provide cutting-edge insight on Russia via an expanded suite of new media and high-impact analytical products at CEPA.


“Experts and the public alike have come to rely upon the Power Vertical to understand what’s really happening inside the Kremlin and the wider region,” said CEPA Executive Vice President Réka Szemerkényi. “We are looking forward to having Brian continue his excellent work as the director of our new Russia Program at CEPA.” 


Whitmore's writing and analysis have appeared in The Atlantic, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, and elsewhere. He has appeared as a guest commentator on CNN, the BBC World Service, NPR, and various other media. Whitmore has a Master's degree in Political Science from Villanova University and a Bachelor's degree in Politics from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. He has worked as a graduate lecturer in the Department of Government and International Studies at the University of South Carolina, and as a visiting lecturer in the History Faculty at Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraine and the International Relations Faculty at St. Petersburg State University in Russia.


CEPA is a 501(c)3 research institute with offices in Washington and Warsaw. Since its creation in 2005, the Center has provided a forum for scholarly research, writing and debate on key issues affecting the CEE countries, their membership in NATO and the European Union, and their relationship with the United States. CEPA has grown to become the premier source of expert analysis on U.S.-European relations, defense, and geo-strategy.

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