This past year has been full of troubling events in our transatlantic community. We all have read of election meddling in the United States and Europe. We have heard growing isolationist voices on both sides of the Atlantic. We have watched political disagreements between Washington and Brussels widen. We were shocked by an assassination attempt on European soil using a chemical weapon. We have witnessed alarming Russian military exercises on Europe’s eastern border. And in the past 72 hours we have seen calculated and open Russian aggression against Ukraine in the Black Sea. The dangers to our Atlantic world are daunting—and they are multiplying.

At CEPA, we are undaunted. We believe that defending America and Europe’s shared legacy of freedom and security is a battle worth fighting. It can also be won.

On this special day of international giving, we ask you to please
support CEPA so that we may continue our mission: to ensure that the ties which bind the United States and Europe together are unbreakable—and remain so.

The support of like-minded individuals like you will sustain our enduring effort to preserve Atlanticism and the shared values and institutions that have shaped the transatlantic relationship over the last 70 years.

CEPA brings transatlantic stakeholders together to strategically address our common challenges and shared risks. We produce balanced analysis on the full spectrum of Central European and Russian affairs. We play an essential role in providing policymakers and citizens with a deeper understanding of changes in the region, what they mean for the United States, and why we should never surrender the hard-won transatlantic cooperation that makes us strong.

Your Giving Tuesday donation to CEPA will make a powerful impact in helping us build the relationships, the bonds of trust, and the intellectual insight that will shape transatlantic relations in the coming years.

Your support will help to cultivate a new generation of Atlanticists leaders who are—right now—developing fresh ideas for reinvigorating the transatlantic partnership in the 21st century. It will allow CEPA’s analysts and experts to continue their necessary work: identifying novel ways of bolstering our defenses and shutting down the pipelines of malign influence that pollute our political discourse.

Your contribution will support fellowship opportunities for a growing number of students and young professionals
in Europe and the United States to conduct on-the-ground research and to make real, people-to-people connections that will forge new relationships across the Atlantic. It will help CEPA expand its ground-breaking programs like CEPA StratComnow a leading source of data and analysis for countering state-sponsored disinformation and “Fake News” across Central and Eastern Europe. And your donation will help CEPA expand our new media capabilities, allowing us to reach wider audiences with insightful research and analysis on the defining policy debates of our time.

Let’s work together in keeping the public engaged and committed to the transatlantic relationship. Let’s strengthen the bonds of shared democratic values, commercial ties, and strategic interests that will make America and its European allies safer, prosperous, and more secure.

On this Giving Tuesday, we need your help. We ask you to consider making an online gift to CEPA.


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On this Giving Tuesday, we need your help. We ask you to consider making an online gift to CEPA.

Sincerely yours,

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