Episode 3 - "Is NATO Obsolete?"

-0:00 Historical NATO and USSR footage by PublicResourceOrg, “Big Picture: Why NATO?”,


-0:35 NATO tanks, helicopters, solders by PublicResourceOrg, “REFORGER II (NATO),”


-0:40 U.S. Air Force by PublicResourceOrg, “Big Picture: Decade of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO,”


-0:44 Take-off by United States Air Force, “Strengthening Joint Leaders and Teams… a Combined Arms Imperative,”


-0:45 F-35s by United States Air Force, “USAFWS receives its first F-35,”


-0:51 Pentagon on September 11 by Department of Defense, “AS IT HAPPENED – The 9/11 Pentagon Attack,”


-0:54 German in Afghanistan, “Redeploying German military kit – NATO and Afghanistan,”


-0:57 Camouflaged soldier by NATO, “Disappear like a sniper,”


-1:01 NATO ceremony by NATO, “Opening Ceremony, NATO Military Committee Conference, Split, Croatia – 16 SEP 2016,”


-1:04 Hyperlapse of city, under CC-0 by Pexels. 1:10 Aerial shot of port, under CC-0 by Pexels.


-1:14 General André Lanata at press conference by NATO News, “Joint Press Conference closing NATO Chiefs of Defense meetings, 22 MAY 2019,”


-1:21 Norfolk by U.S. Navy, “B-Roll of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Departing Naval Station Norfolk, Va.,”




-“Epic Panorama 02” by August Wilhelmsson via Epidemics Sound


-“Sunshine Rain” by Brendon Moeller via Epidemics Sound


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