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Belarus Ahead of the Presidential Election

Edward Lucas

Brian Whitmore

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In the run-up to the Belarusian presidential election in August, unprecedented support for the opposition and protests against government intimidation are drawing international attention. President Lukashenka is facing a society which displays increasing solidarity against the regime, despite its repressive tactics toward opposition candidates and independent media. Few expect the actual election result to be surprising, but the future of the Lukashenka regime has rarely looked more uncertain.


Join CEPA for a discussion on the changing political landscape in Belarus, the factors shaping the future, and what the West can do to support the country’s democracy and sovereignty.

Edward Lucas, Senior Fellow, CEPA


Katia Glod, Fellow, Russia, CEPA
Vytis Jurkonis, Project Director, Freedom House
Kastus Lashkevich, Managing Editor, Belarus Service, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 
Brian Whitmore, Director, Russia, CEPA

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